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So, in the lead up to Young Avengers: Afterparty, I’ve been very good and careful not to show any work as - well - we didn’t want to give away too much of which guest artist was drawing what…especially when some stories could have blown issue #13, haha. Buuuut, yes. Anyone who guessed that I was taking on Billy and Teddy - you win! ^___^
I can’t tell you how excited/nervous/scared I was getting to draw these boys. I’ve been following them since their first YA incarnations and I’ve adored what Jamie and Kieron have done with them…getting to finish off their year was….*faints*. <3

And now that Kieron and Jamie have done this lovely interview with CBR, looking back over the run and revealing some previews of pages from Jamie, Christian Ward, Annie Wu & Jordie Bellaire, and myself & Lee Loughridge (warning, some of the previews may  be spoilerish, so don’t read it yet if you’re playing safe), I figured I was safe to show a little detail from that previewed page of mine. Thanks to issue 13, seeing the lads together is not a spoiler any more - it’s HAPPYJOY^_^

The inked shots also show you how amazing Lee Loughridge is! When his colours came back, my pages had gone in directions I could never have envisaged. Suggested, rather than solid, colour and that nightclub-light vibe throughout… So cool! yet another reminder that colourists are awesome, and Lee is a bloody good one. :)

The issue is out tomorrow and I’m stupidly proud to be a part of it. Hope you guys like what we made! x

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