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As I was in London on Saturday, me and my friend Elle decided to meet up and head to the Tower of London to check out the scaffolding work that myself, Kate Brown and Paul Duffield created.

I was so excited seeing it all in situ, and even more so when I spotted people taking photos of themselves with the images! <3
I mean, we’d sort of hoped that would happen…but seeing it in action was so cool. Kate’s guard and my Yeoman were perfectly placed for a photo opp, and several visitors stood between the two for a snap. I was grinning like a loon. I ended up getting talking to a few people, like the lovely Bennett family, posted here. Michael is a comics fan (guess which one he is, haha) and was excited seeing this art at the tower. I asked if they’d mind me taking a photo of them all and they were very sweet ^_^

And of course, Elle was with me - so she doesn’t escape unphotographed. XD

Finally, we have me with Richard and the boys. It’s a shame the light was casting odd shadows by that time in the day.
All in all I was so happy! It all looks great. I got to chat with a lovely guy called Ojo who works at the tower, and he was letting me know that they get a lot of people taking photos and staring for a while at the images, and that makes me so happy. Can’t wait to head along for a trip with Kate and Paul so that we can all squee together. ^_^

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