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Squeee, we can finally share this with the world! (well, I’ll post something later to share with the rest of the world who are still asleep, but for now….YOU GUYS, YES, YOU - CHECK THIS OUT! ^_^)

So, myself, Kate Brown and Paul Duffield have been doing a little work with the Tower of London. Yes, the Tower of London! If you’re half as much of a history nerd as we are, you’ll know how exciting that’s been for us. The scaffolding shown in the photo just went up this week. We chose a few key moments/characters from the Tower’s history for the project. Kate and I illustrated and coloured a few scenes each, while Paul pulled it all together and added design elements with the amazing arches. And the Tower have printed them up onto the scaffolding hoarding. Life sized, baby!

(and yes, all you Richard fans, that there is a life-sized Richard III - just for you <3)

The scaffolding will be up for a good few months. So if you’re planning a visit, enjoy! ^_^

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    I NEED TO GO TO THE TOWER. Just to see this. How hot. Look at the swoosh of his hair
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    This is just so amazingly fabulous! Hope I get to see them in person. Richard, yo, you’re rocking some mighty fine...
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    Awesome stuff! If you’re ever visiting the Tower of London, check it out!
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    That’s so badass, haven’t seen the Tower of London in years! Maybe next time I visit we can all go!
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    They kept this one bloody quiet. Lovely.
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    All I can add is that THIS LOOKS LIKE A BOSS! And I can say that legitimately coz I only did the decorative borders, and...
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    CRIKEYHECK! WHY DIDN’T I KNOW ABOUT THIS? Glorious stuff. Well done to all involved.
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    *Reasons to love Emma - general awesomeness.
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    HOLY CRAP THAT IS SO FUCKING COOL. londoners! and people going to london in the near future! go to the tower to check...