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If you’re in search of an artist…

Obviously, I am an artist :D I’m also pretty busy at the moment, so find myself having to forward on a lot of longer-term projects. (I hope I’m building karma for future dry patches, haha) After sending on another mail today with my list of recommendations, it struck me that it might be worth making a post with those same recommendations for people to see. ^_^

So, when someone approaches me about long-form, sequential comic work specifically, these are the similarly fusion/YA-style artists I’ll often put forward, dependent on the project and style at hand. Obviously creators will vary in styles, approaches and target audiences. A few frequent recommendations are now in full time contracts (or having babies!), so I’ve dropped them from the list for longer work, but as far as I know, these guys are all freelance and currently open for commissions and to negotiate new contracts as I write this entry. Some are experienced professionals, some are relatively new:

http://johnaggs.com/ - John Aggs

http://www.annafitzpatrickart.co.uk/index.html - Anna Fitzpatrick

http://www.nattherat.co.uk/ - En Gingerboom

http://pinkapplejam.com/ - Laura Watton

http://www.sweatdrop.com/about-us/bex - Rebecca Burgess
(check out the rest of Sweatdrop too, though not all are full time freelancers/available)

http://fayeyong.com/ - Faye Yong

http://www.kateholdenart.com/illo.htm - Kate Holden

http://www.liyishan.com/ - Yishan Li

Windflower Studio - Four artists, one studio.

http://www.naniiebim.co.uk/ - Louise Ho

http://knightylighty.co.uk/ - Sarah Burgess

http://cobaltcafe.co.uk/ - Zarina Liew

There are a lot of amazing artists out there, and it’s hard to be sure who’s in work and out of work in an environment as ever-changing as freelance.

When it comes to recommending someone for a job (which is a big deal and reflects on the referrer as well) I tend to list people I’ve either worked with before, people who I know have successfully taken on jobs I’ve put them forward for in the past, or people with a good track record professionally.
If you’re a writer or publisher looking for graphic novel or comic artists - check these guys out! ^_^
(and if any of you on the list see this and are now actively under contract and so prefer not to be listed, let me know!)

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