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One more photoset for today: My Vampire Academy signing.

What an amazing lot these guys were! Having traveled so far and feeling quite overwhelmed by it all, I was sort of blown away when I arrived at the Penguin booth, coffee in hand, to greet this incredible queue of people. (You can also spot the fab @WillHillauthor at the stand, and it was lovely to see him after meeting him at alt.fiction here in the UK) It’s hard to see in my bad photos, but the queue actually curved around the booth; you can see the lovely lady dressed as Carmen SanDiego reading a copy of the book, in fact. The stars at the very front had actually been waiting for over an hour, so I naturally attacked them with hugs before I defaced their copies of Vampire Academy ^_^

I probably babbled on about nonsense to most of the people whose books I signed; I was just so thrilled and touched to see such a response. So, thank you to each and every one of you who came along to give me exactly the sort of motivating boost that I needed! You have no idea how much it means to a creator to see that kind of support. I revealed the inks for the cover of Shadowkiss to the people in the queue as well, and I’ll be posting those online very soon for anyone who couldn’t make it. :)

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