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a little process drawing to get me out of this fear of drawing in public. comic in a few.


So you missed out on By Chance Or Providence? Never you fear, retailers all over the world got you covered! Written in alphabetical order by location. (Country, State, City) A handful of stores have bookplate editions as well, I’ll post those up later!

Books will start shipping in late April, so please look for these in the first or second week of May! :) 


All Star Comics Melbourne
Melbourne, Victoria


Alpha Comics
Calgary, Alberta

Strange Adventures 
Nova Scotia, Halifax

Big B Comics
Hamilton, Ontario

The Beguiling
Toronto, Ontario

Millenium Comics
Montreal, QC


Big Bang Comics
Dundrum Town Centre, Dublin


Travelling Man

  • Leeds
  • Manchester
  • Newcastle
  • York

Forbidden Planet

  • London (Megastore!)
  • Birmingham
  • Bristol
  • Cambridge
  • Coventry
  • Croydon
  • Liverpool
  • Newcastle
  • Southampton

Chaos City Comics

OK Comics


Orbital Comics

Page 45


Ash Avenue Comics & Books
Tempe, AZ 

Pulp Fiction
Long Beach, CA

Secret Headquarters LLC
Los Angeles, CA 

Red Sky Comics
Merced, CA

Escapist Comics
Oakland, CA 

A Shop Called Quest
Redlands, CA

Mission: Comics & Art
San Francisco, CA 

Muse Comics & Games
Colorado Springs, CO

Big Planet Comics
Washington, DC
& College Park, MD
& Vienna, VA

Coliseum of Comics
Orlando, FL

Dr. No’s Comics & Games
Marietta, GA

Challengers Comics
Chiacgo, IL 

Chicago Comics
Chicago, IL

Arcadian Comics & Games 
Newport, KY

Crescent City Comics
New Orleans, LA 

Friendly NeighborhoodComics
Bellingham, MA

New England Comics
Brockton, MA

That’s Entertainment
Worcester, MA

Fantom Comics
North Potomac, MD

Casablanca Comics
Portland, ME 

Vault of Midnight
Ann Arbor, MI

Bombshell Comics & Stuff
Hattiesburg, MS

Midtown Comics
New York, NY

Royal Collectibles
Forest Hills, NY 

Escape Pod Comics
Huntington Village, NY

Comic Envy
Asheville, NC

Chapel Hill Comics Inc
Chapel Hill, NC

Atomic Empire
Durham, NC

Heroes Are Here
Goldsboro, NC

Bill’s Books and More
Canton, OH

Bridge City Comics
Portland, OR 

Floating World
Portland, OR

Brave New Worlds
Philadelphia, PA 

Comics on the Green
Scranton, PA

Rogues Gallery Comics & Game
Round Rock, TX

Zanadu Comics
Seattle, WA

hubba hubba will you look at that gorgeous thing! xxxx

Becky Cloonan’s By Chance Or Providence Launch Party


Becky Cloonan’s By Chance Or Providence Launch Party


You may have bought Becky Cloonan’s self-published comics from us before: Wolves, The Mire, or the latest installment in the trilogy, Demeter.

Now Becky is collecting her Wolves Trilogy into one superb hard cover graphic novel, By Chance Or Providence, out through Lounak Studios (who have plenty of lovely stuff on their website). We’ll be launching it here, in London, at Gosh!, with a good ol’…

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eeeeeeee! ^_^

So - I have to confess…I blushed a lot to see my name on that cover as a part of that amazing list. Blimey. But woot - comics!!! Can’t wait to get my hands on the issue ^_^

So - I have to confess…I blushed a lot to see my name on that cover as a part of that amazing list. Blimey. 
But woot - comics!!! Can’t wait to get my hands on the issue ^_^

Anonymous asked: Hello, as a massive fan of BREAKS I was just wondering if you could answer some questions about purchasing the comic (because I'd love to get my hands on one). Q1: Besides the prologue are you planning on making the rest of the series in book form? If so will the prologue be included in book one? Because if that's the case I'd rather get it all together ^-^ Q2: Will there be a way to get it if we don't live in the UK? Because I live overseas. Thank you for creating such an amazing comic!! :)


Hi there ^_^

Firstly - yay! Thanks so much for your support and we’re so happy that you’re enjoying BREAKS x

Q1: The prologue is the only part of the comic that will be in print until we’re ready to print the whole first arc. We wanted something physical to act as a launch for the series: an introduction to the web version for people who may not have seen it, but also a collectable edition for readers of the web version who want something that they can hold in their hands. When the time comes to print the whole first arc, the prologue will be included in the book, yes, but with the page-a-week schedule, it will obviously be a little while before we get there… so we wanted something in print to kick things off. ^_^ 

Q2: Absolutely! We’ll be looking into setting up an online shop with overseas shipping. Whereabouts in the world are you? :) Even Malin isn’t in the UK, so we’re definitely not limiting this to UK audiences.

Thank you again - the support means a lot, and we really hope you enjoy watching the drama and romance unfold ^_^

Reblog as the answers might be relevant to people not following the BREAKS blog ^_^

This is not a review of Captain America: Winter Soldier

Because you probably don’t need another one. Though I will say I enjoyed the film a lot, and Ed (Brubaker) was amazing! I waved at him and felt super proud.

But this is not a review of that film.

Before the film, as is customary, we watched trailers (Omg how good does guardians of the galaxy look?), and among them was the trailer for Divergent. Now, I can’t say whether I’ll be heading to see it or not. It looks kind of cool, for sure. But, more importantly, when the trailer came on I was struck with an incredible feeling. If I’d been a young girl (I know, I know, I’m hardly old, but you know what I mean) and there on the screen, amongst the multitudes of man-with-a-gun(tm) films, I saw a trailer like that of Divergent, I think elements of my life would have been different…that’s not an exaggeration. I sat there, as a 34-year old woman, grinning at the screen. Because here was a trailer for a female-lead action sci-fi playing right alongside hero films of the like I’ve always loved; as if it belonged there! Which it does, of course.
I felt very happy. I felt like small steps were being achieved and that we were on a road forward.

…And then my husband leaned in and told me what the young chap behind us had said when the trailer came on. Something along the lines of:
“Oh, look. A film about a young girl. And she’s special. And she’s not following the rules. It’s just another hunger games.”

…well, sadly, as much as I enjoyed winter soldier, that comment haunted me throughout the entire film. Because it reminded me that we are still living in a world where, on a consumer level, there is apparently room in our lives for about a billion films about angry white men holding guns, but only one film featuring a young female lead who is more than a love interest or a princessbride-in-waiting. It doesn’t matter if the plots and worlds of such films are entirely different to each other, what matters is only that it has a young female lead in an action fantasy genre and, ergo, its spot in the oeuvre of live-action film for this decade is already taken. ‘The chosen one’ has been a young male lead more times than we can count (Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, Avatar: The last Airbender…and, yes, I enjoy those films too), but the female chosen one is apparently like the Highlander. There really can be only one (per decade).

We can watch two versions of the same story with Spider-Man within decades of each other (and again, I love Spider-Man), or we can watch sequel after sequel of one guy in a vest blowing shit up in different ways (again, awesome), but two different films, each featuring a young female lead who fights the system in some way: nope. They’re the same film. How unoriginal.

I don’t want to see limits on any kind of film production. Man-with-a-gun films have their place; are fun. Why limit them when we can enjoy them? Hell, I’ve watched films over the years which are practically carbon copies aside from the actors (“he’s an ex-cop, he’s angry, they hurt the woman he loves, he’s out for revenge, blah blah”), and I can still enjoy them and accept each on its own choices. It’s all about balance. Just make things equal. But somehow I get the sinking feeling that if someone pitched a film with a tough female lead who fought aliens, regardless of the plot, well - guess what? The answer would likely be: it’s been done.

I know it’s always easy in these cases to make sweeping statements that are unfair, because so much good IS being done, and I don’t want to detract from that. I’m not a film buff and I’m sure I’m missing a lot of progressive films out there. I’m sure there are some really valid counter-arguments that can be made to this post, and thank goodness for them. But as a member of a mainstream film audience - moments like that, sat in that cinema and feeling my emotional graph rise and plummet, remind me that we’ve a long way to go.


Once upon a time Matt and Chip made a beautiful cover for the 4th printing of issue #1 of Sex Criminals. This beautiful cover captured the imagination of brimpers everywhere, including myself and my lovely coworker Heather (@girlblunders). The situation has since escalated nicely.

Welcome to Brimpception!

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